• Business (Associate)
    The world of business is wide and varied, so we’ve made the coursework in this online degree program the same way. From business essentials to specialized facets such as marketing and office management, Iowa Central Online’s program will give you a well-rounded knowledge of the modern business world.
  • Computer Networking Technology (Associate)
    he Computer Networking Technology Program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary skills to succeed in the jobs of the future. Graduates are able to administer a local area network, install and troubleshoot communication hardware/software and integrate technologies that the business world demands. The online program aims to prepare one to be involved in a complex telecommunications environment. Best of all, it will prepare you to obtain all of your networking certifications including, Novell, Microsoft, A+, N+, and Cisco.
  • Criminal Justice (Associate)
    Iowa Central College has assembled some of the nation’s foremost experts in law enforcement and tactical training for this innovative program. In addition, Iowa Central College hosts the state’s Homeland Security Training Center, which trains ‘first responders’ throughout Iowa. Training includes Terrorism Awareness, Incident Command, Bombing Awareness, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. With a special emphasis on homeland security, this degree program is both timely and essential.