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  • A.S. in Criminal Justice (Associate)
  • Accounting (Associate)
    The Associate of Science in Accounting Degree Accounting provides a broad foundation in basic accounting and the liberal arts. The associate’s degree is a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree and professional certification for accountants.
  • Accounting (Bachelor)
    The Post University Online Accounting Degree programs provide instruction in the latest accepted accounting principles and practices with a curriculum that emphasizes reasoning and communication skills. You will develop an understanding of financial accounting, tax, cost, and information systems as implemented in a variety of organizations; also to understand the regulatory environment within which the financial professions operates. The curriculum also promotes ethical and professional conduct by graduates from our Accounting Degree programs.
  • B.A. in Interactive Communication (Bachelor)
  • B.A. in Interactive Communication/Media Arts (Bachelor)
  • B.A. in Interactive Communication/Organizational Communication (Bachelor)
  • B.S. in Instructional Design and Technology (Bachelor)
  • B.S. in International Business Administration (Bachelor)
  • Computer Information Systems (Certificate)
    The Computer Information Skills Certificate program uses word-processing, spreadsheet and database software to aid in solving systems problems. Upon completion of this program, you will have specific knowledge of MS Windows, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will also be introduced to information technology, data based management systems and systems design.
  • Corporate Innovation (Graduate Certificate)
  • Criminal Justice (Bachelor)
    Post University’s Criminal Justice degree program will prepare you to take positions in local, state, and federal justice systems. You will take a variety of courses covering a diversity of relevant areas such as, forensic science, criminal procedure, criminal law, and ethics and discretion in criminal justice.
  • Early Childhood Education (Associate)
    Post University’s Early Childhood program will prepare you for immediate employment as early childhood teachers in school districts as well as in public, private or corporate settings. If you later seek teacher certification the Associate in Science degree program will also permit transfer into a baccalaureate degree program. You will study child development, psychology and age appropriate approaches to literature, math/science and social studies. This program includes practicum’s undertaken at an arranged site near you.
  • Early Childhood Education Administration (Certificate)
  • Education – Instructional Design & Technology (Master)
  • Education – Teaching & Learning (Master)
  • Entrepreneurship (Graduate Certificate)
  • Finance (Certificate)
    Post University’s Certificate in Finance provides working adults in the banking, insurance and brokerage fields, skills in financial analysis. The certificate provides operations and back office employees in these fields with an opportunity to gain a relevant certificate and 30 credits towards a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Business Administration.
  • Game Design and Animation (Certificate)
  • Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling (Graduate Certificate)
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration (Graduate Certificate)
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling (Graduate Certificate)
  • Human Services (Master)
  • Leadership (Graduate Certificate)
  • Legal Studies (Associate)
    The Associate of Science in Legal Studies Degree at Post University prepares students to work as a member of a professional team delivering legal services. Students become familiar with the American legal system, including federal and state courts, statutes, codes and treaties as well as with legal theory and its practical applications in various disciplines, including legal research, civil litigation, real estate and estates.
  • M.S. in Human Services/ Clinical Counseling (Master)
  • M.S. in Human Services/ Drug and Alcohol Counseling (Master)
  • M.S. in Human Services/ Non-Profit Management (Master)
  • Marketing (Associate)
    The Associate of Science in Marketing Degree focuses on the essential ingredients necessary to identify and satisfy consumer needs. You will become familiar with the specialized skills of selling, advertising, retailing and market research. Courses will provide you with an understanding of current marketing theory and practices with special attention to the "Four P’s" of the marketing mix: Product, Place, Promotion and Price.
  • Marketing (Graduate Certificate)
  • Master of Business Administration/ Entrepreneurship (Master)
  • Master of Business Administration/ Marketing (Master)
  • Master of Business Administration/ Multidisciplinary (Master)
  • Master of Education/ TESOL (Master)
  • Paralegal (Legal Studies) (Certificate)
    The Paralegal certificate program at Post University prepares you to become a Paralegal. Paralegals (Legal Assistants) continue to be among the most sought after professionals. Second only to jobs in the computer industry, paralegal/legal assistant positions are the fastest-growing career category, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.