If you’ve ever had your air conditioner fail on a hot summer day or your heater fail on a bitterly cold winter day, you know how important it is to know a good heating and air conditioning technician that can quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

It’s common within this field to be trained in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration and there is a tremendous amount of variation within each of these technologies when you consider how the devices are powered (gas, electric, solar), at what scale they are used (residential versus commercial) and the different brands that are on the market.  Electronics and computer components are also adding complexity to today’s devices.  Due to the variation, some technicians may choose to specialize in a particular area.

Read an interview with an HVAC specialist in Houston, TX or read an article on how to become an HVAC technician in Texas to learn if this career is right for you.

Receiving training is an important first step in entering this career.  You can either pursue an apprenticeship route or earn your diploma from an accredited trade school or community college.

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