Whether it be a residential home or a business office, the choices made with respect to furniture, lighting, window coverings, paint colors, floor coverings and overall arrangement of the space can have a drastic impact on a person’s perception, mood and even productivity.  Skilled interior designers are able to bring all of these physical and spatial elements into a cohesive vision.  For a home, the vision might be “modern” or “country,” depending on the personal tastes of the client.  For a store, the interior design will need to carefully reflect the business’ brand identity.  For an office space, the interior design will need to accommodate the culture and working style of the employees such that they can be happy and productive.

Choosing the right materials to achieve different visions can be a daunting tasks.  By receiving training in interior design, you will learn about different design styles, how to choose materials and how to create 2 and 3-dimensional space plans to illustrate and communicate your vision.

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